Welcome to the swordforge The Berggeist!

Here you are issued with the fastest swords in freefighting, showfighting, huscarl and other fighting techniques. My main range of goods deals especially with melee weapons of the Viking Age. Certainly I craft other epochs and cultural circles on special wish.

You get a 2-year-warranty on blade and handle of all swords for show- and freefighting.

To get an uncomplicated overview of my range of goods of swords, axes, spears, jewelry and damascus steel, feel free to browe my online-shop. Just follow the menu to "products".

Do you have further questions, suggestions or special wishes?
I will answer all your questions about my smithy and its products gladly. Therefore please use my contact form or my contact information from the site notice.

Yours sincerely,
your swordsmith, Isward

(C)The copy of weapon form and their descriptions is forbidden, because all pictured weapons do not base one-to-one on archaeological findings, but were changed and therefore are intellectual property of "Isward der Schwertschmied" company. Furthermore it is forbidden to copy and use any texts and pictures of this website without the permission of the owner.