My name is Jan "Isward" Naujoks, born in 1983 in the little town Eutin in Holstein Switzerland. After my normal school education, which I finished with XXX on the Wirtschaftsschule Plön I began, retrospective XXX an apprenticeship as real estate agent. The company was closed after one year and so my apprenticeship was ended.
I had enough of lies and deception, and so I decided XXXXXX to begin with craftmanship. Over one and a half year I worked, sometimes long, sometimes short in different companies, including stove fitter, tiler and blacksmith. Here I made my first steps in the business of smithing. However the farrier does not have much to do with the with the original craftmanship, there were only little possibilities for me to forge ne tools for the horseshoeing, but it was enough to ignite Hephaistos' spark.

Through my dad I could use an old field-forge, which was built up in the allotment garden of my parents. After my time as flying craftsman I began a apprenticeship as installer. What I learned was to work hard and cut back, for example at 17° minus in a windowless new building or at 32° plus in a multistory building carrying a radiator.
Sadly this craftmanship is more a technical job than a real craftmanship. So I concentrated on learning to deal with extreme working conditions and to develop my thoughts to sustain it with a smile on my face.
After three and a half years I finished the apprenticeship without graduation, because I had to mad a decision. Should I sacrifice another half year or devote to my new project, my not so bad working forge. I decided for the risk and the hammer. A decisive argument was the following mentioned.

Within my apprenticeship I built up my forge step for step, somewhat like an evolution. First it was only a field-forge and a flat stone under the open sky, but then came an anvil, some tools and other things. Later I had a tent made of NVA-flysheets and now a 80m² workshop with external forge. The last step was triggered by the winter. It was not that comfortable to forge in a allotment garden, only with few tools a small generator and no heavy machinery, just a single fire, one anvil and some odds and sodds. My workshop at that time was a 6 squaremeter small hole in the cellar of my three kilometres distant flat, not to speak of the equipment in this workshop.
At my search for a new workshop I found an old barn in a neighboured village. After a few phone calls the possibility was to take this barn and build it up.

So it began at the end of 2007, beginning of 2008, my journey as sword-smith.

A word and a blow, the apprenticeship was over and before me the will to restore this barn and build up my own forge. By this time we are proud owner of a barn, two and a half hectares meadowland, a good hectare property. I have my well-equipped forge and a likewise equipped and cosy workshop. To top it off, we have some pigs and fowls and not to forget, business is doing well.
This part of my vita is not to boast with my property or my big house, a lot more it is because I am very proud of this part of my life. I built up something from nothing and I think I am allowed to be proud of this.

This whole project could not have gone well without the help of my wife, my family and especially my father. How I said at the beginning my "About"-page is somewhat different to that of my colleagues, but it doesn't have to be always the same.