My quality at a glance:

-reliability - Since starting my work as a swordsmith in 2007, not a single broken blade and no retour
-quality from German - We are a German sword-smithy. You can find me on a lot of markets and meet me personally in my workshop.
-uniqueness - Every single product, even if it is a part of a series, is an unicum, fitted personally and manufactured with much blood, sweat and tears.
-transparency - Everyone can come over to my smithy and look over my shoulder
-reachability - mails will be exclusively answered by me, usually within a day.

Here are now some pictures with short descriptions to the offered quality of the products from my smithy.

This pictures shows a bending-test. Every blade gets bent on 60°-90° and must not show any warpage. Furthermore we make impact and soundtests to make sure, the weapon matches our high demands.
However not every blade can get bend to 90° as a result of their blade-geometry. We offer stiff blades for huscarl and full-contact-fighting (Next Generation series), allrounder weapons with an average flexibility for HUscarl and Codex Belli (Huscarl Combat series) and flexible blades for mask-fencing (Holmgang Master series). Depending on the series and the grade of flexibility the bending-test gets adjusted. To put it in a nutshell I offer swords with an adapted to the purpose, but always high flexibility and tenacity, that makes a breakage nearly impossible. Since 2007 not a single broken blade!

The edge of the depicted blade is a six year old weapon, that was mainly used for huscarl-fights and later in full-contact-fighting. Due to the outstanding hardening of the weapon, in a traditional coal-hearth, I am not forced to offer heavy swords with thick edges to mask poor hardening, but rather I am able to make suitable edges, which don't affect the handling of the weapon. The blade of this weapon is 3mm thick and never was polished in the last six years. Despite the high flexibility and tenacity of my swords, they don't lack a tittle in rigidity.

All fittings, may it be cross-guard, pommel or guard at knives and seaxes, are fitting perfectly. There is no welding, no soldering or any other form of help to guarantee a long durability. For that reason I offer you a two-year warranty not only on your sword's blade, but also the fittings.

As I mentioned all blades get hardened and tempered in a traditional coal-hearth. There are no measuring instruments or digital nick-nack, but only steel, fire a obscured smithy and the experience of the smith. In this picture you can see two samples of a breaking test. On the left side is a piece of steel with poor hardening. You almost see it at the mere sight, that the steel's microstructure is coarse-grained and brittle. On the right side you see a sample of my steel, hardened in a coal-hearth. Very fine, consistent with a high strength and ease of sharpening for replicas for example.

As we are speaking of replicas. All sharp weapons get solely sanded, sharpened and polished on water-whetstones. I am of the opinion that only this method leads to the highest edge and the finest finish of the blade. Not for nothing our Japanese coleagues use this method for centuries.

And this is the result.


Traditional hardening in a coal-hearth according to experience and skill. No digital bric-a-brac.