Swords for female warriors

A field which yet was of little interest are special swords for women. Every fighter who thinks of a sword for a woman will name it "toothpick" or "flea-whip". The connection of swords for women and weapons which are very short, narrow, light and nearly with their balance-point on the cross-guard, is very common but wrong.

A warioress' sword need not to be a toothpick, since a special, physical characteristic of the woman requires whole new properties for the sword and furthermore brings along whole new possibilities in the design of the sword.

I myself was biased of this above-mentioned toothpick-prejudice and always suggested light weapons for female fighters. For quite some time on the great markets worksshops for fighting women are offered, which are based on the knowledge of the special feature of a women. I was lucky enough to get enlightened by well-kown fighting women.

The feminality is, that women hold their swords automatically in a 45° angle, when they are in normal-position, whereas men hold their weapons in an 90° angle.
if the sword is too balanced, so the pommel is too heavy, it forces the fighter in a 90° angle, which means unnecessary strain and no perfect feeling.

So it is essentially to balance the sword of a female fighter, that the sword slightly tilts to the front. If this aspect get acknowledged, the former foreign matter, that acts different than the own body, becomes an arm-extension of highest precision. At the base of this knowledge and the shift of the balance-point, the whole sword can be designed longer, broader and more rigid, while the pommel is no enormous chunk anymore. The pommel can be shaped a lot more fine and smaller.

As the first swordsmithy I will promote this knowledge in cooperation with women fighters and let it have influence on my future production.